UCLIN comprises two psychology clinics, one on the University’s South campus and the other on the Missionvale Campus. Both clinics are dedicated to the education and professional training of post-graduate psychology students in the Faculty of Health Sciences, with the aim of registration in the specific professional categories of Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, Psychometrist and Registered Counsellor. These facilities strive towards academic excellence by ensuring that students are introduced and encouraged to develop a comprehensive understanding and practical experience of a broad spectrum of psychological, psycho-neurological and psycho-educational problems. This includes assessment procedures and therapeutic interventions that meet the needs of the diverse South African population.

Both clinics provide comprehensive and accessible psychological services in the form of assessment procedures, therapeutic interventions, as well as community engagement and psycho-educational programmes to the surrounding communities, directing service delivery to those who would not normally have access to psychological services, due to financial circumstances. It is also a professional training unit for postgraduate psychology learners. Developing an acumen of inter-professional education is fundamental to UCLIN’s functioning therefore the clinics adopt an integrated transdisciplinary approach to the provision of service delivery in the Port Elizabeth area.