Community Engagement and psycho-educational programmes

The Missionvale Community Psychology Centre (MPC) is a living laboratory where students are able to apply the theory learnt in the classroom, in a practical manner when engaging with the broader community. The MPC prides itself in providing a quality service to the community of Missionvale and surrounding areas. It has also adopted the new Nelson Mandela University slogan “change the world” and this is evident in the communities that we serve. Through our interaction with the communities, the MPC team is able to identify the key areas that need attention, and which includes psychological support, skills and knowledge on psychological issues.

One of the initiatives of the MPC was the P-project which commenced in January 2017, with the hope of providing a helping hand to the impoverished communities within the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The ‘Ps’ in the P-project are an abbreviation of Providing Preventative Programmes that Promote Proud and Proficient People. This project encapsulates a number of community projects with the specific aim of empowering communities through psycho-educational support and leadership workshops. It is a multi-faceted intervention which includes life skills to assist learners, parents and teachers. It also aids in creating awareness of mental health issues to assist families via radio talks, and engagements with professionals in their fields.